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Exede Laser Cube


Exede provides satellite internet to customers across the US who live in areas where cable is not an option, or who are sick and tired of their cable provider (who isn’t?).

For the past few years, Exede has had a presence at the DirecTV Super Fan Festival leading up to the Super Bowl. This year, they wanted to make a bigger impact than just handing out branded tote bags. That’s where we came in.

Because Exede provides internet from outer-space via satellite beams, we wanted to integrate the magic and mystery of futurism and space with the excitement and fan spirit of the Super Bowl.

The Challenge

Create an experience that’s unique enough to turn heads at an event leading up to the nation’s biggest game.


The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States, so DirecTV’s fan festival leading up to the big game was sure to bring in a huge crowd. We knew we would have to do something that no one has ever seen before in order to stand out among the other booths and vendors at the festival.

We created an outdoor wifi and device charging lounge – with hightop tables, charging cables for all major devices, light-up tables, and plasma lava lamps. However, for the main feature, we built a 8 foot transparent laser cube. Inside the cube, laser beams bounced back and forth through a thick layer of fog, creating a laser light show completely contained within a box. Finally, we set up a slow motion video camera, and asked people to do a victory dance, using our state-of-the-art laser cube as a backdrop.

Over the three days that the fan festival took place, people shot almost 250 videos of their slow motion victory dances. Attendees emailed their videos to themselves, family members, and friends. As a result, hundreds of emails were captured and hundreds of brand impressions were achieved.