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NCBA Trade Show Booth

 The Challenge

Fabricate a custom booth that is open, lively, and yet compartmentalized so that it can be deconstructed into smaller parts for other trade shows with less booth space, all while creating an engaging experience for nutritionists and dietitians.

The Pineapple Juice

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is a US advocacy group for beef producers, and the group responsible for the “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” ad campaign.

For years, The NCBA had been renting a cookie-cutter trade show booth. When they reached out to us, they  realized it was time to go fully custom. Because The NCBA has a presence at many trade shows, they wanted something that was easy to put up in a 20×20 space, but also had the ability to break down into parts and fit into a smaller booth space. Also, because NCBA focuses on the nutritional and dietary value of beef, the booth had to be educational, interactive, and fun. For the trade show where the booth would make it’s debut, the target audience was nutritionists and dietitians, so we wanted to create a unique experience that resonated with this highly knowledgeable group.

The Creation

At trade shows, it’s easy for your booth to get lost in the crowd. So we made sure no one would have trouble finding The NCBA booth… by making sure they could smell it! We equipped the custom booth with a prep kitchen, where booth attendants served homemade chili into a souvenir ceramic chili bowl that attendees could take home with them. While people gobbled down their chili, they learned about the nutrition of the beef it was made with, through an interactive game. People guessed the nutritional value of different cuts of meat, and were able to check their answers through a small trapdoor behind each piece.

To ensure our prep kitchen was up to snuff, we worked with the convention center to adhere to all health and food safety codes, placed a heavy duty sneeze guard in front of the prep area, and designed a custom interlocking real wood floor that helped perpetuate a classy kitchen atmosphere.

So, what were the results? By using our services, The NCBA was able to create a unique and easy-to-disassemble booth for the same price as they were paying to rent, and they are saving money year over year. People were amazed by the educational experience they had, and within the first 90 minutes, we had given away over 1,200 bowls of homemade chili! Guess everyone loves a home-cooked meal!