Trade Shows and Custom Booths | The Pineapple Agency
The Pineapple Agency is known for creating custom experiences that create buzz and excitement for your brand. Trade shows and custom booths are no exception. We custom fabricate each booth we design to add an experiential element that will attract the masses to your booth.
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Trade Shows and Custom Booths

Why Trade Shows and Custom Booths?

50,000 attendees. A thousand companies. One chance to stand out. Trade shows can help you bring your brand to life with a creative team that can not only conceptualize visually arresting custom trade show booths, but can get them built as well. With our experience in custom design, fabrication, construction and transportation, we make sure you only have to worry about booking your flight. We are much more than a trade show agency – We create experiences.

The “Pineapple Juice”

Let’s face it: trade shows can be boring. Attendees walk from keynote, to booth, to carbon-copy booth, just waiting for the whole thing to be over so they can go have a cocktail in the hotel lounge. 

Pineapple builds experiences, not boring trade show booths. As an experience creation agency, we can help your business stand out from the grids of cookie-cutter booths with a custom booth, and most importantly, a custom experience that attendees won’t soon forget. Some of them might even want to come back after happy hour.

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