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CDOT Light the Night


With a 30% spike to 84 pedestrian fatalities in the state in 2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation sought to create a campaign that reminded both pedestrians and motorists alike the importance of safety at our crosswalks and intersections.

As we sought creative solutions to create the visual impact the client was looking for, the statistic that 70% of these fatalities occurs at night kept jumping out to us. We knew we needed to create a spectacle that would show up at night. The client came to us wanting to incorporate LED Balloons. As as result, we decided an activation after a Colorado Rockies game would garner a ton of foot traffic to make a large impact with 1,000 LED balloons and branded hang tags.

To maximize our exposure, we expanded to a second location. We landed on the trendy Larimer Square area, as we hoped to refocus the attention of the patrons of the local bars and restaurants to safer practices.

The Challenge

As Denver and other metropolitan areas across the state continue growing exponentially, with seemingly no end in sight, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) sought to create an eye-catching physical activation that would galvanize Denver residents around pedestrian safety.


On the evening of the activation, our twelve person team took over two identified intersections giving away over 1,000 LED balloons to pedestrians as they wove their way through the busy summer streets. A video production team onsite captured the event story and impact. Video will be utilized in social media and the larger CDOT safety awareness campaign.

Our messaging centered around the importance of awareness. Highlighting the necessity of being visible, predictable, and only crossing at crosswalks during the designated times, talking points reminded pedestrians that convenience might need to come second if safety is going to come first. Our goal was to interrupt the mundane routine of walking to the car with the unexpected to remind people that their decisions can save lives.

CDOT’s own Fred Estrain, the personification of the lighted person who signals for safe crossing at crosswalks, was live at the activation offering playful interaction with activation participants leading to many shareable moments.