Astroglide Pride Tour | The Pineapple Agency
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Astroglide Pride Tour


As one of the world’s top selling personal lubricants, Astroglide creates smooth, intimate, and long lasting experiences for their customers.

The Astroglide brand takes great pride in their acceptance and support of all sexual preferences, kinks, and fetishes. This year, they wanted to have a unique presence at several pride festivals going on all across the country.

When we were asked to create a unique experience for Astroglide’s 3-city tour of pride marches during the summer of 2015, we couldn’t wait to get the creative juices flowing.

The Challenge

Turn heads in an already flamboyant environment by creating an activation that not only accepts, but celebrates the wild, the weird, and the kinky.


Pride marches are not your average parade: they’re loud, they’re proud, and they’re unapologetically outrageous. There would be no room for half measures if Astroglide wanted to make a splash with their float, so we tailored three major elements to leave a lasting impression on the audience at each stop.

First, we needed the perfect way to show Astroglide’s acceptance of free sexual expression for whatever their customers are into. That’s why, for this tour, we worked with the brand to develop a unique catch phrase that says it all: “Get Your Freak On”.

Second, we wanted to encourage people to actually get freaky with some free samples of Astroglide. We provided a group of brand ambassadors at each stop, who helped us give out over 130,000 lubricant samples and thousands of branded rainbow-bead necklaces to pumped-up and eager crowds over the course of the tour.

Finally, we hired a wild and diverse lineup of entertainers to help celebrate the unique preferences and desires of everyone in attendance. A matchup of world-class drag queens, stilt walkers, performers in animal costumes, and neon body-painted dancers came together to create one amazing and freaky float.