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Exede Mobile Tour


With a new satellite launch on the horizon, Exede Internet was looking to revamp their mobile tour for the 2015 event season. This year, Exede wanted to attend more events, reach a larger portion of their target audience at each event, and create an experience that aligned their brand with their desired customer’s interests.

To help Exede reach their goals, we wanted to create a unique and immersive experience that seamlessly integrated Exede’s branding, culture, and services, all while engaging the target market and attending events that are relevant to their interests.

The Challenge

Create an engaging, unique, and informative face-to-face brand tour that attracts the desired target market and brings Exede to mind for consumers who may be considering the switch to a new internet service provider.


After months of research, planning, and routing, we finalized a 30-stop mobile tour that would reach a wide array of rural events to hit the company’s target demographic across the U.S. Exede’s presence at each event includes an outdoor wifi and device charging lounge, a slow motion laser video chamber, a photo op with Brian the Exede Alien, and chances to win Exede prizes from our prize wheel.

With Exede’s 2015 mobile tour nearly half-complete, we are excited to share some early results from one of the most recent stops: the National Hot Rod Association’s Summit Racing Equipment Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. This 4-day event, which took place over Independence Day weekend, drew upwards of 100,000 drag racing fans, eager to experience some of the fastest driving in the world.

Racing fans lined up to spin our wheel, take their photo with Brian, or create a unique video in our slow motion chamber. By staffing our booth with fun and outgoing brand ambassadors, we were able to draw in a consistent and sizable crowd, allowing our sales staff to strike up valuable conversations, educate guests about the service, and close sales. All the guests of our booth were asked to filled out a form, which was then passed on to local salesmen for follow up.

The booth was so effective at generating interest, we were able to collect over 1,000 leads and signed over 80 people up for service on-site!