HOTSHOT Product Launch | The Pineapple Agency
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HOTSHOT Product Launch


To takeover the city of Boulder during the three-day span of the Boulder 70.3 Ironman competition in order to introducing HOTSHOT to both the endurance and Boulder athlete communities. As a part of this takeover, The Pineapple Agency sought to identify and engage key influencers plus get HOTSHOT in their hands to sample. The key to success would come from educating the target demographics on the key distinction of HOTSHOT- its scientifically proven superior anti-cramping performance due to the neurological impedance it creates when consumed.

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical brand, Flex Innovation Group contacted The Pineapple Agency seeking assistance launching their new product, HOTSHOT- a genius solution to treating muscle cramps in the sports beverage category. The goal was to craft an exciting, highly engaging product launch experience that captivates and educates consumers on the benefits of HOTSHOT.


We developed a three-pronged approach to build brand awareness, create brand advocates and enable consumer education.The HOTSHOT launch’s focal point was the HOTSHOT EXPO at the Boulder Reservoir. Designed as an informational and sampling area next to the main Ironman Vendor Village, the EXPO was able to drive traffic through a combination of experiential tactics such as a large-scale LED wall showing the story behind the creation of the product and success stories. The in-your- face attraction created intrigue in the passerby who often stopped, watched and engaged with our sampling team. We were also able to generate significant buzz, excitement and foot traffic through our implementation of an airplane pulling a custom HOTSHOT banner.

Complimenting the hub and cementing the true takeover of Boulder was our various sampling stations spread around the city at high-traffic areas and outside of retail partners. Finally, we organized a 30-person farm-to-table dinner event in order to introduce key influencers and media members to this unbelievable product. Due to the combination of a superior product and a mix of traditional, digital and experiential marketing, we were able to cultivate successful brand activation at which we were able to introduce and inform the Boulder and endurance athlete communities of this amazing new product. By easily enabling these target demographics to get the product into their hands, we were able to collect in-depth feedback and data.