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New York VIP Experience


Our client for this project was a forensic accounting firm – a company composed of the detectives of the financial world, trained to follow the money trail left by economic transactions in order to uncover financial evidence in court or other disputes. As one might imagine, forensic accountants are not the most laid-back and fun-loving people. So when they got tired of their same old boring cocktail parties to network for new business, they called up Pineapple for the wow factor.

Because just one new client brings in a huge amount of business, (and because forensic accountants don’t get out much) we wanted to create a night that was truly unforgettable.

The Challenge

Understand the target demographic for a forensic accounting networking event, and craft a memorable experience that would be unique enough to take out of their comfort zone, but comfortable enough that they would actually want to participate.


For this exclusive event, we wanted to make people feel like real VIP’s. So we sent out embossed gold and silver invitations to the guest list, and booked Jay-Z’s 40/40 club in The Big Apple. The night offered gourmet drinks and appetizers, live music, and a chance to win prizes. Entertainment included a cuban cigar roller, custom art-deco inspired t-shirts with live screen printing, a mentalist to wow the audience, and a handwriting analyst to predict the future.


As a direct result of the night, the company landed a brand new, and very lucrative client. An unforgettable night indeed.

Due to the sensitivity and security concerns that arise from a client in the financial markets, we have chosen to keep our client’s name confidential.