Why IKEA’s ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Experience Worked

IKEA, the Swedish furniture company, has been well known for its original marketing strategies, and their latest ‘Breakfast in Bed’ campaign is no exception. The pop-up ‘Breakfast in Bed Café’ opened in London for just two days in early May of 2015. Consumers were invited to a completely custom IKEA setting with the overarching goals of inspiring change and connecting with customers in a unique and personal manner.

The café, announced over Facebook 10 days prior to the experience, was a complete place of sanctuary and was in complete synergy with the IKEA brand. It housed various single and double IKEA beds, an actual breakfast café with food, and a ‘pillow café’ where consumers could choose their desired pillow. Waiters delivered breakfast to consumers and further catered to individual needs.

Consumers were able to book a space (a bed) in either the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon for a siesta and tea. By utilizing different music and lighting, IKEA was able to stimulate different human senses with the goal of changing consumers’ mood so that they could see how comfort could be achieved with IKEA furniture while being in any mood. Sleep experts were also on hand for the activation and offered advice on how best to relax and fall asleep.

Why IKEA’s Breakfast in Bed Experience Worked – The Pineapple View:

  • By creating a comfortable and memorable space solely focused on IKEA beds, emotional connections were made between the IKEA brand and the consumers who were a part of the activation. IKEA successfully placed themselves in the minds of consumers when it comes to comfort and relaxation.
  • IKEA generated a viral buzz with minimal marketing before the event. The uniqueness of the Breakfast in Bed café made consumers want to share their experiences, even for those who couldn’t actually participate.

Overall, we believe IKEA did a great job converting brand perceptions by utilizing experiential marketing. IKEA was able to take it’s brand name for affordable furniture and place it at the forefront of consumer’s minds for everything concerning beds, comfort, and relaxation, and the company was able to do it through creating an immersive experience for consumers.

Check out the IKEA ‘Breakfast in Bed Café’ campaign here.

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