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The Pineapple Agency’s background is rooted deep within the OG of experiential marketing – the live music industry. Our founder and CEO, Justin Moss, began his career promoting and producing underground concerts, and his love for music is the soundtrack to our business.

Our history includes promoting and producing concerts and festivals with some of the biggest names in the music biz, including The Bee Gees, Jimmy Buffet, OutKast, Stone Temple Pilots, Jay Z, Snoop Dog, and more. We currently work on 17+ festivals annually alongside some of the biggest festival producers globally, including Insomniac, Live Nation, and AEG. Beyond music-specific events, we produce sports, food + beverage, pet, and technology festivals and events with numerous vendors, talent, and serve as the preferred festival director and event operator for multiple venues locally, including the Denver Polo Club.

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Dance like a Pineapple. 

Dance like a Pineapple. 

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