About Charlotte’s Web

CBD brand Charlotte’s Web was founded in 2011 by seven brothers from Colorado who wanted to help their friend’s daughter, Charlotte, with her severe epilepsy. The brothers understood the untapped potential in CBD and worked together to create a strain that would reduce her seizures. Their product worked; drastically reducing the amount and severity of Charlotte’s seizures.

Getting back to brand roots

Since its humble beginnings, the brand has grown and flourished, becoming one of the most prominent in the country. Fearing that the brand had strayed roots, Charlotte’s Web wanted to put on an event that would celebrate their unique, intimate, and beautiful history.


Blazing the trail for new beginnings

To symbolize the brand’s humble Colorado beginnings, The Pineapple Agency proposed an event that would be centered around a blazing bonfire. The bonfire perfectly encapsulated all of the values that were important to the Charlotte’s Web brand like nature, storytelling, and camaraderie. By hosting an event with a bonfire the Charlotte’s Web team could connect with consumers in a warm and genuine way.

Charlotte’s Web and the TPA team decided that the bonfire event would occur as an after party for the Wanderlust Wellspring yoga and wellness festival in Palm Springs, California. TPA found a gorgeous outdoor desert venue complete with two different bonfires, colorfully illuminated mountains, and twinkling stars overhead. TPA then sourced busses, s’mores, alcoholic beverages, blankets, lanterns, and a four piece folk band to bring the experience together. Attendees were shuttled in from downtown Palm Springs and they stayed throughout the evening to mingle, dance, celebrate, and listen to Charlotte’s Web stories from founders and other industry leaders.