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Mastering the ‘drop’

UA was in the process of launching the new Steph Curry sneaker in 2018 amongst an already saturated market. They were looking to work with an agency to do something futuristic, awe-inspiring, and never-been-done-before to launch the shoe in San Francisco. The goal was to drive anticipation and excitement around the shoe launch, get products in hands, and do something insanely cool.

drone drop landing


Inspired by Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas’ heavy tech industry, we worked with Red Interactive to create a unique digital and physical experience. The experience kicked off with a digital scavenger hunt that led users to an undisclosed drop zone where they were delivered sneakers via custom outfitted drones. It wasn’t hard to arrive at this idea — it was simple — drones would create the literal buzz our client needed.

On a wildly windy day in December The Pineapple Agency launched ten drones off of yachts in the San Francisco Bay. The yacht rocked and weaved as the drones took off into the air carrying sneakers. Meanwhile, fans took to our custom digital platform to uncover the hidden drop zones that were sprinkled throughout the San Francisco area. Guests arrived at the drop zones to place their sneaker orders on iPads that sat in custom branded phone booths. Within minutes the sneakers rounded the horizon and the drones dropped the sneakers directly to the fan.

fans at landing zones
social media impressions
leads captured
media impressions
pairs of sneakers delivered

Master the drop

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