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Insomniac Music Festivals : Vendor Village Production

 The Challenge

As the world’s largest and most well-known collection of electronic music festivals, Insomniac sought help producing a vendor village at 11 of their biggest festivals across North America. Vendors needed to be identified, vetted to ensure alignment with the Insomniac brand and contracted. The Pineapple Agency was also responsible for coordinating on-site production and logistics, credentialing and handled insurance and payment. Insomniac had never produced vendor villages before, so this new addition would be a huge undertaking.


The Pineapple Agency was tasked with overcoming multiple challenges. First and foremost, we needed to identify an intuitive platform and CRM system that would allow for seamless, clear-cut communication between our internal team and the Insomniac sponsorship, merchandise and production teams. Additionally, we had to rigorously vet all leads in order to ensure that all touch points of this village would be in line with the Insomniac brand.


Over the course of the year, we spoke with over 1,500 leads and eventually contracted more than 200 vendors. The festivals combined saw hundreds of thousands of attendees. Many of the vendors we secured traversed the country alongside Insomniac just to be featured at these shows. On site, we managed the production and logistics for the entire vendor village, coordinating with the internal site operations team and our vendors to create a highly engaging and entertaining area. The Pineapple Agency and Insomniac Music Festivals will be entering their second season together. The Pineapple Agency will be handling the vendor villages for 12 shows across North America in 2017.