Experiential Campaign: Chobani’s #BreakYouMake

Chobani Flip Experiential Campaign

Chobani recently launched a “Break You Make” experiential campaign to promote their new ‘Flip’ yogurt line.

The Chobani Flip includes a portion of Chobani yogurt, along with a sidecar of seeds, nuts, and chocolate to mix in with the yogurt. With this play, Chobani hopes not only to stay atop of the yogurt category, but also to break into the overall snacking segment of the market. Reinforcing the importance of taking healthy breaks, the grassroots campaign included TV, digital, social, and experiential efforts.

Several 30-second TV spots kicked off the positioning of the campaign. One of a nurse, the other of a farmer, the TV commercials showed American workers enjoying their unique on-the-job snacking experiences. The cleverly strategic choice to use a farmer reinforces Chobani’s strong brand values regarding the use of locally sourced and natural ingredients.

As an additional element to this campaign, Chobani declared June 3rd as the first national “Break You Make” day across the US. The experiential campaign came into play with in-store sampling and a mobile truck tour surrounding the day. Trying to get the product into as many consumer hands as possible, in-store displays and sampling stations were set up at grocery stores nationwide. Chobani decked out multiple sampling trucks and began rolling them out in Denver and Charlotte.

The campaign’s social and digital efforts further reinforced the strategy. Chobani’s social media team continually surprised engaged fans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. The company also organized a takeover of the very popular PopSugar.com

Chobani Flip Experiential Campaign

Lastly, the company dished out research results on what people think about break time. Among the results were that most Americans need only 11-30 minutes of free time to feel truly refreshed. While most people don’t consider taking a break at all during the workday, the results show that dedicating a few minutes each day to take a real break is totally possible.

Overall, the #BreakYouMake experiential Campaign, in our opinion, thus far has been a great success. Chobani touched multiple platforms in different ways all while still integrating their message flawlessly across them. Backed by their research, Chobani was able to bring awareness to the obvious need of taking a break. Thus far, the campaign has achieved 80 million social media impressions.

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