Best Experiential Marketing 2017

As we wrap up the year, we can’t help but look back at 2017 and think about some of the best experiential marketing campaigns. These campaigns fill us with excitement. We hope you enjoy them too.

Copaxti’s Questival

Questival from Cotopaxi on Vimeo.

The Questival is a 24-hour adventure race dreamed up by the folks at Copaxti’s. With tours all across North America, Copaxti is engaging thousands of people to do exciting, fun, and downright good adventure seeking activities all while building positive brand love.

Why we love it? Talk about unforgettable and highly sharable! There is no question, the participants in the experiential are fully engaged! Not only that, but Copaxti’s is showcasing the lifestyle and products that they live and breathe daily.

Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant

Best Experiential Marketing

Photo credit Event Marketer

Inspired by the viral Cheetos-infused recipes, Cheetos partnered with celebrity chef Ann Burrell to create The Spotted Cheetah, a three day pop-up restaurant in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. The pop-up featured 11 signature Cheetos inspired dishes, celebrity Chester Cheetah himself, and full on Cheetos decor. Reservations sold out within six hours of release while thousands more signed up for the waiting list.

Why we love it? The sixty seven year old brand is committed to keeping things fresh, fun and memorable. The play off of the already viral Cheetos-infused recipes allows Cheetos to stay on strategy while creating a must experience branded dining event.

Glenlivet Dram Room Pop-Up

Best Experiential Campaign

Photo credit Event Marketer

The time for Scotch is now and the Glenlivet Dram Room tour brings now to life in an engaging sampling room experience that makes the old new again. In an attempt to break through stoic Scotch reputation, Glenlivit invited guests at food and wine festivals and Taste the Nations events across the country to step into the sleek black and natural wood Dram Room for a brand and product history engagement served up with a personalized drink.

Why we love it? Sleek and sexy, this booth straddles traditional and modern while offering sensory invitation and educational content in just the right ratio. Did I hear seconds? Yes, please.

Marriott Multi-sensory Event Series

Experiential Marketing

Photo credit Event Marketer

Celebrating the completion of the Irvine Marriott’s $35 million dollar redesign, the Marriott decided not to follow the standard ribbon-cutting tradition. Instead they opted to create engagements of meaning that would put top customers, travel and hospitality bloggers, influencers and partners at the center of meaningful experiences. The themed event series of three titled Studio: Culture, Studio: Taste and Studio: Innovation allowed the Marriott to create memorable moments that were filled with authenticity.

Why we love it? It’s always fun to throw a party, but carefully curated experiences are even better! Participants in the Studio events were invited to participate in a traveler immersion allowing the Marriott to do what they do so well, support the traveler experience.

We hope you enjoyed our recap of the best experiential marketing campaigns of 2017. We look forward to many more in 2018.

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