Pineapple Culture Pt.1: The Amazing Sticky Note

A company’s culture can say a lot about it’s work, it’s values, and it’s people.

At Pineapple, we pride ourselves on a culture that’s every bit as unique and quirky as the people that work here. We’re a boutique, bold, and unapologetically creative agency. Everything we do is an experience, and our workday is no exception. That’s why each week for the next month, we’ve decided to feature one of the cornerstones of our culture. This week: The Amazing Sticky Note.

Creativity in an agency is ordered chaos. It’s the courage to blurt out an outrageous idea, and it’s the resourcefulness to back that idea up with the thoughtfulness needed to create a “hey, that just might work!” moment. When it comes to our sticky notes, much like our agency’s creative muse, there is a method to our madness.

Whether they’re on the walls, on our computer screens, or strewn across our desks, our office is littered with sticky notes. Being a quirky boutique agency means our employees wear many different hats (figuratively, but sometimes literally) throughout the day. Keeping track of all those different things gets a lot easier with a pile of sticky notes. To Do’s, reminders, ideas, notes, phone numbers, login information, tour dates, and everything in-between find their way onto an assortment of vibrantly colored stickies. And when that rewarding time comes when a note is no longer needed, they’re crumpled up and tossed victoriously into the trash (often in a slam dunk-like motion).

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