Pepsi Center Projection Mapping

The NBA playoffs are a thrilling time of the year for fans all over the globe. Beverage giant Anheuser-Busch came to The Pineapple Agency looking for ways to activate the Budweiser brand during the 2019 playoffs in the Denver market while the Nuggets were vying for the conference championship.

Through our agency’s connections, we were able to secure an outdoor section of the Pepsi Center (now the Ball Arena) to project motion graphics onto the exterior of the building.

We worked with AB to design, build and project Budweiser advertising integrated with images of Denver Nuggets players. The projection mapping was active during every home game for the remainder of the season elevating a sense of unity and team spirit outside the arena. It left a lasting impression on thousands fans as they entered, exited, and tailgated at the stadium and could be seen from the busy road just outside the arena.

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