The next generation of cannabis

Imagine a place where guests go on an immersive journey through an interactive funhouse of history, style, and culture of cannabis brought to life by global artists and visionaries…that’s Cannabition.

The Pineapple Agency quickly got behind the founders and the state in crafting an experience around cannabis that would take everything to the next level. While involving the most dynamic brands, the mission was to create a multi-sensory, artful and interactive journey. We worked with the founding team behind the scenes to fabricate some of the largest exhibitions for the museum’s grand opening.

Cannabition claimed stake as the first and only immersive Cannabis art museum and the first mainstream, large-scale, non-consumption-based cannabis experience in the world. Filled with cannabis-inspired installations and monumental works of art that highlight the historical, botanical, wellness and lifestyle aspects of cannabis, Cannabition allows guests to create, play and explore their multi-sensory playground. Originally launching in Las Vegas, Cannabition is currently expanding to a new location.

large-scale exhibits
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