The flagship formula that started an industry

At the height of growing CBD popularity, one brand had already begun their mission of bettering the planet and its people through a product that helped those seeking peace in mind, body, and soul. Charlotte’s Web was certainly well-known in the industry but the team needed help enhancing their trade show presence.

Pineapple creatives created a strategy that focused on representing the brand holistically and ultimately conveying a sense of relaxation and self care. We fabricated the booth out of a distinct mix of natural looking materials to bring to life the Colorado aesthetic. We built a Zen Lounge with a backlit mountain backdrop, foliage, tree stump seating, and a realistic faux bonfire created a relaxing and earthy environment. Guests were invited to put on noise cancelling headphones to fill their ears with forest sounds. Meanwhile, outside the Zen Lounge, brand ambassadors facilitated sampling, snapped photos of guests, and chatted with fans and potential new clients.

Charlottes Web Page Header

Trade Show Booth Design

Pineapple creatives concepted, designed, and fabricated the trade show booth complete with a Zen Lounge, mixed media product display area and artificial plant photo wall. From flooring to branding, no detail was left unchecked.

Custom Fabrication

In order to bring this beautiful booth to life, our team worked diligently making sure each material was hand-selected to fit the creative direction but also sturdy and functional. Our fabrication expertise was tested as we worked with a variety of mixed media and materials.

Staffing + Operations

Our support on the project didn’t end after the build. We worked with Charlotte’s Web to staff the booth, train the brand ambassadors, and ensure all operations during the show ran smoothly.

Experience Design

To add to aesthetics, our team thoughtfully crafted a user journey that would include receiving a sample, sharing their experience via photo opportunity, and transcending the moment with a sound and sight experience in the Zen Lounge.