The Louie Lopez Pro Collection by Converse

Professional skateboarder Louie Lopez, was hitting the shoe scene with the Louie Lopez Pro Collection by Converse and the team needed a product launch campaign that would stop skaters mid-kickflip. To drop this shoe line to the public, Converse worked with us to launch an edgy guerilla marketing activation that would connect with skaters where they were spending time — the Los Angeles skateparks.

Our goal was to do something that would resonate with skaters and skate culture while staying unique and a little bit risky. What emerged from our ideation sessions was the idea for temporary graffiti — something with all of the impact of street art but less of the legal repercussions.

As the sun set over the Hollywood Hills, our production team put on their jumpsuits and and set off in an unmarked van. Pausing briefly at six skate parks throughout the evening, the Pineapple team created reverse graffiti on dirty sidewalks by power-washing over a custom Louie Lopez stencil. To amplify the visuals, the team also sprayed colored chalk over the stencils. The result was temporary street art that drove awareness of the Louie Lopez Pro shoe collection.