All natural, all delicious

We had fun designing and building a 20’ x 30’ trade show booth and consumer experience for Laura’s Lean beef to launch their new plant-based meat product. The booth was showcased at two conventions and shipped across the Midwest from Denver to Cincinnati. We worked to create all the moving pieces locally in our shop in Denver and then handled  installation, dismantle, and logistics for each show.

Our agency designed experiences within the booth footprint to engage consumers with the brand and showcase the products with interactivity. To get consumers tasting the product, we caught their attention with a sampling station and invited them to stay longer in the seating area. Using a 15’ tall greenhouse made out of wood with a custom burnt finish, we told the Laura’s Lean brand story through a timeline leading to a fabricated grass wall photo booth.

A highlight was the Spice It Up rack where people got to fill up their own bags with a combination of spices walking away with something completely memorable and usable.

servings of product in consumer's hands
spice bags taken home
social media impressions