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Changing the future of mobility

When Rivian introduced its electric adventure vehicle gaining instant traction and raising millions of dollars, the startup wanted to continue its momentum and make a splash in its target market immediately. With their target consumers defined as achievers, modern explorers, and active families, what better place to activate than at the country’s largest outdoor recreation expo and conference?

The main goal of Rivian’s activation at Outdoor Retailer was to tell the Rivian story to local, regional and national outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

Of course, the vehicle needed to shine but they didn’t want it to shine as just a product, but as a way of life. Rivian wanted to show that they were changing the future of mobility. Rivian chose The Pineapple Agency to design and create an experience before, during and after Outdoor Retailer that encompassed all the brand’s attributes and tell the story in an authentic meaningful way.

If we earned a few pre-orders of the vehicle along the way, that didn’t hurt either. (We did.)

An adventure-based approach

We took a Direct-to-Consumer approach and targeted Rivian’s three consumer personas — the achiever, the modern explorer, and active families. At a macro level, we also made sure the booth was impactful to wholesale retailers, dealers, and potential partners of the brand who were in attendance.

With our vision set on telling the right story, we designed a custom trade show booth and then planned and executed an intimate event for Rivian’s pre-order customers, media, and VIP guests. We utilized creative elements, experiential tactics, and industry influencers to bring Rivian to life at OR.

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The world’s first all-electric open bed adventure vehicle

We built a two-story structure out of sustainable, natural materials to represent Rivian’s attributes of being inspiring, inviting, progressive and adventurous. We created a custom wall display that featured touchable pieces of the EAVs and framed prints. Walking along the multi-media wall, consumers were immersed in the story of Rivian and its capabilities as the world’s first all-electric open bed vehicle.

Attendees could touch and see the vehicle itself, get an educational experience along the display wall, sign up for pre-orders, and climb to the second story for an aerial view of the vehicle as well as the entire trade show floor while enjoying a JuneShine from our Happy Hour.

Most notably, we scheduled professional rock climbing legends Ben Moon and Alex Honnold for appearances to show their support.

Honnold’s appearance on behalf of Rivian was one of his first non-media related appearances after Free Solo was released. His presence at OR generated some serious buzz with outdoor enthusiasts.

The ancillary event we planned was a special in-person and livestream experience with environmental non-profit, Honnold Foundation. It served as an announcement of the brands’ partnership to help power a city in Puerto Rico with Rivian’s electric battery packs. The event was hosted at The Hangar at Stanley Marketplace, a former airplane hangar that now hosts some of Colorado’s most special events. We transformed the space with custom built cable spool tables, bars, wheel stands and benches with natural wood elements made from recycled materials.

The livestream had excellent video quality and clarity, included a multi-camera coordinated approach, and an unbroken connection to over 22,000 viewers.

It gave over 500 members of the pre-order and VIP community an up-close-and-personal experience with Rivian, Honnold, and created moments that would elevate the brand long after the event was over.

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