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Global leader in filtration and purification products

LifeStraw’s mission is simple – they make water safe to drink through technology, innovation, product quality, and design in order to fulfill basic human needs for all. When LifeStraw was working on a new trade show booth design for their launch at Outdoor Retailer, they came to us looking for the most interactive and memorable way to teach visitors about their leading products.

We arrived on the idea of creating a real-life scenario and demonstration environment. Our team designed and fabricated a booth with a water feature that fit in both a 20′ x 30′ and 20′ x 20′ spaces, and would also be convenient to transport between U.S. and European cities.


Down the river

We made a faux river so that visitors could try the personal water filters in an authentic way. The custom-built water feature was fabricated out of fiberglass, hand painted, and adorned with foliage. Large-scale, high resolution printed graphics with real wood accents helped to create natural-looking surroundings.

Lastly, we used the space in the booth to share LifeStraw’s humanitarian efforts in South Africa to provide clean water and an education to those without it. Together, these interactive components helped LifeStraw connect with thousands of consumers in their target markets and make an impact on the world.


More Than A Booth

Stand out on the trade show room floor with style AND functionality.