LifeStraw Trade Show Booth | The Pineapple Agency
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LifeStraw Trade Show Booth

 The Challenge

LifeStraw engaged The Pineapple Agency to produce an exhibit that would stand out among the 1,000+ exhibitors at the OR Outdoor Retailer Winter Show, showcasing their brand in a clean consistent manner, and provide an authentic space for attendees to gather while delivering maximum branding opportunities.

The Pineapple Agency wanted to find ways to incorporate leading-edge, experiential marketing solutions into the 20 x 30 space. The challenged was to execute a client requested brand objective through a fabricated, running water foundation feature. The goal was to create a live experience that allowed show attendees to see how the LifeStraw product is used in a real life setting. To create a running water feature, that looked realistic, aligned with LifeStraw’s brand aesthetic, while still being able to conceal all pumps and internal materials was the biggest challenge of the particular space. A design challenge indeed!

Lastly, The Pineapple Agency wanted to recreate the school’s LifeStraw builds for communities in Africa as the exhibit meeting room. This meeting room would give the illusion that the attendee was entering a real school, and gives prospects the feeling of what the LifeStraw schools are actually like in Africa. The challenge was how to construct this space while still having the room be functional for buyers.

The Pineapple Juice

The Pineapple Agency provided LifeStraw with a completely custom exhibit. The space was large enough to provide our client with ample meeting and gathering spaces – along with plenty of room for branding and custom graphics. To achieve the interactive objective, Pineapple created a custom running river water feature that had products displayed along the “river banks”. Brand ambassadors would use products with attendees to show how the products worked in real life. With this solution they were able to seamlessly incorporate a high level of interactivity directly into the booth design.

The African school meeting room was designed with gorgeous sliding barn doors, that gave a private space for buyers, which curated a completely separate environment and experience from the rest of the booth as you could section it off with the sliding doors. Inside we included branded messaging, rustic furniture, and an usable chalkboard wall.

The overall design of the trade show exhibit was authentic and clean, which showcased wood siding, stylish birch tree and wood furnishings, and large high resolution graphic displays – showcasing how LifeStraw’s customers use their products in the wilderness.

As an added feature, Pineapple created a lifesize birch tree to display LifeStraw’s mission product, that to be properly used needs to hang from a branch. Attendees could interact with the products and see how they are used in real life.

The Creation

The photos of the booth really speak for themselves, but a constant stream of visitors out of the 22,000 attendees during show days and an early commitment from LifeStraw to return to the OR Outdoor Retail Summer Show are great signs of success. In addition, LifeStraw took home the 2016 Outdoor Inspiration Award, which celebrates those that inspire and encourage others in their communities to enjoy, participate in and support outdoor activities and the outdoor industry.

At the end, an authentic, outdoor exhibit was achieved – which optimized booth space and met all of LifeStraw’s design and branding objectives. And yes, the foundation was a HUGE hit – not only was it a memorable experiential activation for the booth – but attendees left the booth with a true sense of LifeStraw’s products and overall mission – making contaminated water safe to drink.

Like to find out how our team can show you what customizable means when it comes to trade show exhibit design and production? Give us a shout, and we’d will be happy to guide you to a unique experience that exceeds your show and marketing objectives.