Virtual Reality and Experiential Marketing

Virtual Reality(VR) is a wondrous playground.  Done right, VR creates an unforgettable experience, leaving an emotional connection with the consumer.  Engaging consumers with creative ideas that shock them, can transport them to another place and time.  VR is seeing a computer generated world through goggled lenses.  Imagine, providing a customized experience that the user can immerse themselves in.  This is next level marketing my friends.  Doing this right means connecting the consumer with storytelling on a much deeper level.

Making the Unreal Feel Real.

Virtual Reality and Experiential Marketing

Today’s technology allows experiential marketers to deploy Virtual Reality as part of their bag of tricks.  The addition of VR can make a marketing campaign come alive, literally.  What do VR platforms look like?  Words can’t do it justice.  These platforms are experienced rather than discussed.  They create a world where the user is swept up into something magical.  An experience that will leave an indelible impression, the goal of all experiential campaigns.  This is what makes VR the ideal partner for experiential.

Don’t you want people lined up outside your store?  You won’t get that using generic banner ads.  You get that attendance by creating an enveloping world for your audience to escape to.  You make them feel part of the story—and in some cases, you help them tell the story themselves.  People want to take part in experiential/VR marketing campaigns.  Matthias McCoy-Thompson explains this in a cool, psychedelic way:

“Because our minds respond to virtual environments the same way we do to real ones and the virtual environment can be manipulated to fit any situation, marketers can perfectly design simulations to make products more desirable.”

VR combined with experiential has higher user engagement and often, higher retention.

Benefits of VR in Experiential Campaigns

VR and experiential is all about one thing:  helping the consumer experience something without requiring them to physically be there.  Imagine trying on clothes in a high-end department store without actually visiting the store—or the city in where it’s located.  Are you in the market for an engagement ring for your fiancée?  Build that ring from the confines of home and slip it on her finger for her to see.  With the help of innovative tech, the consumer can control their environment remotely.  This is how VR is changing experiential.  Experiential campaigns can now scale on an unprecedented level.  This enables them reach an untold number of consumers.

Virtual Reality and Experiential Marketing

Experiential is combining with VR to make marketing content social.  Having your campaign go viral means more engagement from audiences—in many instances, global audiences.  You’re creating millions of brand advocates in one fell swoop.  This is social thought leadership of the highest order.

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The Pineapple Agency is at the forefront of creating edgy, fun and incredibly wild virtual reality and experiential marketing campaigns.  We push the boundaries of creativity to give our clients—and consumers—a one-of-a-kind experience.  We believe the advances of virtual reality will inform experiential.  This allows us to connect with consumers on a deeper level than ever before.

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