What Level of Experiential Marketing Service is Right for You? 

If your company is considering hiring an experiential marketing agency, you’ve already recognized the value of experiences. Creating a unique branded experience allows you to break through the sea of traditional marketing and connect with your audience in a meaningful, memorable way. 

Experiential marketing is a relatively new field as compared to traditional advertising, which makes it a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition. It also means hiring an outside agency is a great way to maximize your marketing budget and produce a truly memorable engagement. Whether you are looking to produce an event, a digital or virtual experience, or an out-of-home campaign that engages your audience in a new way, your internal marketing team can amplify its reach and capabilities by partnering with the right agency. 

Tailored Involvement for Well-Fitting Results 

As with any outside agency, every brand has a different vision of how involved an external experiential marketing team should be. The level of involvement should be mutually beneficial and clearly discussed to ensure that all parties are satisfied and able to do their best work. Here are the three main ways an external experiential marketing agency should work for you. 

A full-service extension of your internal marketing team. 

For many brands, the best way to dive into a new realm of marketing is by finding a full-service extension of the internal marketing team that takes your existing brand guidelines and goals and translates them to an entirely new medium–in this case, experiential activations. 

Look for a full-service extension that listens to your needs and learns about your brand then delivers concepts, strategy, design, production, and execution. A full-service agency should work side-by-side with your team and relish collaboration. Look for the right balance of confidence in ideas while being receptive to feedback. 

An experienced team that brings your ideas to life. 

Lots of internal creative teams generate world-class ideas across all channels and marketing opportunities. However, one-off experiential executions require a unique set of skills and resources that many of the most talented marketing creatives simply don’t have the bandwidth for. From local permitting to sourcing niche details to installing giant shipping containers in tight spaces, oftentimes the hardest part of experiential activations is bringing them to life. 

An agency that specializes in executing your vision should be great at communication–both listening to your ideas and sharing its plans for bringing them to life. These agencies should have a large network of partners and contractors that can make literally anything happen. And they should embrace the challenge of executing your ideas, without the need to insert their own creative if that’s beyond the scope of the project. 

An agency that provides creative ideas, strategies, and a playbook for execution. 

For brands that just want to get started with experiential marketing, this is the easiest and best way to get a foot in the door. Simply reviewing the possibilities of experiential marketing activations gives your brand the opportunity to consider how much budget to allocate and allows you to understand more about how the agency thinks. Some agencies will even create initial concepts and ideas as a complimentary service if it’s your first time working with them. 

As always, you should look for an agency that is innovative, collaborative, and at the forefront of trends. Whether you want to ruffle feathers or simply capture audience attention in innovative ways, the agency should understand your goals and deliver unique ideas and clear plans to make them happen. 

How The Pineapple Agency Works 

We are comfortable working in any capacity with our clients and we always operate with the same goal extending across all of our projects: create an immersive experience or activation that brings our client’s brand to life, maximizes ROI, and creates lifelong customers/followers.

Whether you need us to integrate with your in-house and/or external marketing teams, want a few ideas, or are ready for a turnkey experiential activation, we know how to deliver. The Pineapple Agency has experience acting across all styles of agency and with clients of all sizes and needs. And right now, we’re offering our creative concepting services completely free to new clients.