Why Acura’s PopUp Dinner Worked

If you’ve never heard the term “pop-up dinner”, then you’re in for a tasty treat. Pop-up dinners were started in the UK over 10 years ago and received considerable media attention for the magnificently elaborate dinners that were set up in random locations all over the map. The pop-up dinners have a few basic requirements: everyone brings their own food, beverages, picnic table with chairs, and they must wear white. Through social media, the group of people putting on the event will disclose the date and time of the event, but the location of the event is kept a secret until the day of the dinner. The entire format is extremely exclusive, adding to the overall experience for any guest lucky enough to get the location details.

This Summer, Acura has joined in on the pop-up dinner trend and has used the opportunity to subtly advertise Acura vehicles in specifically targeted locations throughout the United States. Acura announced the city of the event along with the time, date, and attire information on social media before the event. When the day finally came, and attendees arrived at the secret location at the specified date and time, they were greeted with beautiful decor and a breathtaking setting. Acura had subtle hints of advertising throughout the event including Acura-branded name cards at each table, a custom Acura TLX photo booth, and three brand new Acura model vehicles (in white, of course).

Acura used this exclusive pop-up dinner event as a unique way to create meaningful connections between their brand and audience. The company was also able to take advantage of an opportunity to work with luxury and lifestyle media, as opposed to the traditional automobile media the company usually interacts with at auto shows across the world. Since launching the pop-up dinners in June, Acura has seen great audience engagement and feedback. Future events have been announced in Los Angeles and Dallas, and have already earned thousands of signups on social media to get the invite and the details about the event location.

 Why Acura’s Pop-Up Dinner Worked – The Pineapple View:

  • Acura was able to interact with an engaged audience through a unique dining experience that was enhanced by the Acura brand.
  • Acura’s first two pop-up dinners have resulted in thousands of social media posts and engagement from 40% of the attendees.
  • By having total ownership of the event, Acura was able to create an elegant, immersive experience that was authentic and subtle, allowing people to engage with the brand in a non-threatening and low-pressure setting.

With these pop-up dinners, Acura has been able to take a unique approach to marketing, creating memorable experiences in a localized and low-key way. Acura has also been able to introduce itself as a luxury automaker that wants to enhance your everyday driving experience. We are excited to see how Acura builds additional momentum from their pop-up dinner experiences and hope to see one pop-up in Denver soon!

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