Why Mountain Dew’s Virtual Reality Skate Experience Worked

Do you ever wish you could get on your skateboard, cruise down the Las Vegas strip, and do kick flips with Paul Rodriguez and some of the best skateboarders in the world? Well now you can…all from the convenience and comfort of your couch!

Mountain Dew, who has spent the past decade sponsoring extreme sports athletes and competitions all over the world, has invested in creating a whole new immersive experience for its fans. Through the use of virtual reality, Mountain Dew is putting fans in the middle of the experience, allowing them to ride the Las Vegas Strip down to Fremont Street with Paul Rodriguez and other skateboarders on the Mountain Dew team. The Mountain Dew team spent days skating around Las Vegas capturing hours of thrilling content that was all converted into a virtual reality video that users can download for their smartphone or view in-person at the Mtn Dew VR stations at each stop on the Dew Tour throughout the country.

Mountain Dew set up the first VR station at a Dew Tour stop in Brooklyn and it caught the attention of thousands of spectators. Fans lined up for hours to try on the VR headset to experience VR Skate in Las Vegas, and the fan reaction was outstanding, with thousands of fans sharing their experience on social media channels using the hashtag, DOTHEDEW. More technologically savvy fans who have their own Samsung VR headset could download the content on the Samsung Milk VR marketplace and view the content on their own devices for a more personalized experience.

Why Mountain Dew’s Virtual Reality Skate Experience Worked – The Pineapple View:

  • Mountain Dew merged technology and their sports sponsorship of extreme athletes to create engaging content that put fans in the middle of the experience, allowing them to virtually participate in extreme sports regardless of their athletic ability.
  • By leveraging its existing sponsorships, Mountain Dew was able to create thrilling content based on the sports its fans enjoy. In the future, the company can capture content from other sports encouraging more fans to join in on the virtual experience.
  • Utilizing #DOTHEDEW allowed Mountain Dew to track interactions on social media and will let the fans decide on what the next sport the VR experience should be based on.

We believe Mountain Dew did an excellent job of staying on top of industry trends by utilizing virtual reality technology to enhance the fan experience. VR allowed the fan to live in the shoes of professional skateboarders and see what it’s like to grind down rail and go off ramps. This strategy allows Mountain Dew to explore different sport experiences and we are eagerly awaiting to see what sport we can virtually participate in next!

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