3 Ways to Create an Emotional Connection Between Your Brand and Target Consumer

Despite our perceptions to the contrary, the decisions we make are not always conscious or rational. Our subconscious thoughts often play a major role in our buying decisions. One of our most influential subconscious forces is our emotions. That’s why creating an emotional connection between your brand and consumer is crucial.

Getting into the mind of your target consumer is a great place to start. Who are they? What do they value? How do they spend their time? While your ideal customer persona usually falls in a segment or a range (like females 18-35), the more specific and narrow you can get, the better. Truly understanding who you’re trying to reach is the first step to creating an emotional connection.

 At The Pineapple Agency we have created a simple strategy to creating an emotional connection between any brand and consumer. We have deducted that strategy to include the following three elements:

Tell your story

Consumers value brands that have authentic content. Telling a story is a great way to do this. Today, it’s just as important what products are as what they, and the people behind them, represent. Knowing what your brand stands for and being proud of it is something your audience can appreciate and relate to. Showing brand personality is another way to connect with your consumer. Every brand has a story to tell and every product or service can be infused with a personality.

Focus on the consumer

Your target consumer should be considered first in everything you do. If you were the consumer in this situation, how would you feel? When you begin to understand consumers’ experiences and expectations, you can connect with them. Focusing on the consumer also means showcasing them. Showcasing the value of your brand through real content will resonate more deeply, and create a lasting relationship for your brand.

Have an element of surprise

It is all too often that consumers feel simply like a number to companies. Knowing your consumers are people and treating them that way will resonate with them. An element of surprise could be as simple as a response to a Facebook question or Twitter post. It will make consumers feel important, that they matter. Your company could even send out a gift in the mail, something that sparks a moment of happiness that allows consumers to connect with your brand. Experiential marketing absolutely embraces surprise. Through strategic planning, we’re able to create lasting memorable moments for your brand and consumer.