Why Target’s #BullseyeU Experiential Campaign Worked

Within the past few years, Target has beautifully integrated experiential marketing into their marketing strategy. Their Bullseye University Campaign is the perfect example. College students were the sole target, and the overall goals of the campaign were to change perception, behavior, and to drive purchases specifically for the back-to-school season.

The experience began with a Bullseye University-built dorm placed on UCLA campus. The dorm was completely decked out in target décor, and five YouTube celebrities, who collectively had five million followers, became the roommates. Life in the dorm was streamed live across the stars’ YouTube Channels. As a trusted resource, the roommates promoted target products within their rooms and viewers were able to scroll over their screens and get direct links to purchase the items.

The campaign continued with pop-up structures placed at five major U.S. campuses during move-in week. The structure included several motion sensor touch screens where students could play games and actually design their own dorm room.  The dorm “resident” encouraged students to team up to win products. The pop-up was further programmed as if it were a live TV channel and each hour different brands, sold in-house at target, interacted in different ways.

Another version of the pop-ups were large enclosed dorm rooms filled with the latest Target college essentials. Students were able to walk through the dorm, check out the items, and then purchase them through a QR code wall on the opposite side of the structure. At some campuses, shuttles ran students back and forth to the nearest Target to get their last-minute necessities. Dorm rooms reflected each universities school colors and properly showcased what the dorm life should be like with Target.

Why Target’s #BullseyeU Experiential Campaign Worked – The Pineapple View:

  • Target generated hype before the activation through the live streaming of curated content. The “roommates” large following spread the message far and worked perfectly to kick-start live on-campus engagements.
  • Target utilized a vast number of interactive elements at their activations that truly captured student’s attention and made them want to participate. An immersive experience was created and students were completely engaged.
  • The #BullseyeU Campaign reached $144, 000 students and parents, changing both brand perceptions and behavior. The entire campaign was designed to be shareable and generated 76 million Twitter impressions.

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