Is My Company Too Small For Experiential Marketing?

The short answer is… no!

The great thing about an experiential campaign is the ability to bring life to your brand, no matter the size. While we have worked with many big, bold clients, The Pineapple Agency has also done work for plenty of smaller companies. With the right activation, no brand is too small or unsexy for experiential. 

In fact, being a smaller and less established brand can provide a great opportunity for you to stand out from your “Megacorp” competitors. Large and established brands typically have traditional marketing methods in place allowing great space outside the traditional realm for small brands to stand out. Because your small company is still defining it’s brand, you can differentiate through unique and memorable marketing to establish your brand identity. 

As a small company with growth potential, experiential marketing allows for the building of brand awareness. What could be a better way to initially get your brand on consumer’s radar than an experiential activation? Something memorable, interactive, and unexpected will allow your brand to stick in the minds of consumers.

A small, unestablished brand typically comes with a small, unestablished budget. While having a premium budget does create a premium product, a small budget doesn’t necessarily prohibit a large impact through experiential marketing. All it often takes is a good idea. Guerrilla tactics are something we love to implement and integrate into our clients marketing strategies. If exciting and memorable, even free initiatives can become self-sustaining. People nowadays love to share everything they encounter or experience, and this works greatly in your favor. Viral exposure of your campaign or activation is often all that it takes to start and continue the conversation for your brand.

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