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Putting the ultra in #ultrashot

The Pineapple Agency worked with Anheuser-Busch brand Michelob Ultra to produce an epic contest at the AB Brewery in Fort Collins, CO. The concept – let the public hit a golf ball off the brewery roof in an effort to hit a target 240 yards away and a chance to win $95,000.

One Lucky Winner

The event kicked off with appearances by local celebrities and professional athletes — Brandon McManus of the Denver Broncos, and Mason Plumlee of the Denver Nuggets to name a few — who each got to hit several balls for charity and the chance to win free beer for all of the attendees at the TPC Tournament. Professional golfer David Duvall was the only one successful in the first group.

Once the event was open to the public, participants hit shot after shot with each one coming up empty. That is, until lucky #13, Chase Nathe, took a clean swing and bounced it directly onto the center of the target, securing $95,000, glory, and a foamy Michelob Ultra victory shower. On Tuesday, he hit a 240-yard shot off of Anheuser-Busch’s brewery roof was the shot heard ’round the country as local media and news outlets picked up the story.

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Brand Activation

Client and partner Anheuser-Busch wanted a brand activation for Michelob Ultra that would generate media buzz and spread awareness around the 95 calories in the beer. AB has a long history of breakthrough creativity and experiential marketing activations so it had to be epic. In brainstorming with the team, the team decided to offer up a $95,000 challenge to align with 95 cals, and activate around the pre-existing Ultra relationship with the sport of golf.

Experience Design

While the #ULTRAshot competition was the main event, our agency took it to the next level designing an experience that would engage ALL attendees and not just participants. We created a players lounge area, a custom skeeball-inspired putting game, and additional programming.

Site Planning + Creative Production

As you can imagine, the big challenge was figuring out how to execute this contest in and around the brewery without disrupting normal operations. Our team designed site maps and layouts to establish the consumer flow through the brewery as well as produced all creative elements – from the landing zone, to the inflatable, tee box, signage, and players lounge.

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