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12 days ’til showtime

The Pineapple Agency, and RED Interactive decided to team up to build a pop-up retail experience that would premiere during the Warrior’s parade in Oakland, California. The pop-up needed to be in market two days after the Warriors won the finals. If the Warriors swept the series, this meant The Pineapple Agency would have just 12 days to secure and transform a location into a pop-up shop. The Warriors swept the finals and The Pineapple Agency jumped into production turning a construction zone into a retail store. The shop would only stay open two days to provide the feeling of true exclusivity.

“Success is not an accident…” – #30

The Pineapple Agency immediately scouted locations in downtown Oakland and secured a 5,000 sq. ft retail space right along the parade route. We designed the concept from the inside out – putting up walls, putting down flooring, sourcing furniture, installing retail displays, covering walls in graphics and even putting a custom Under Armour basketball court in the center of the space. We completed the space with a 30-foot LED wall playing custom motion graphics and a VR experience. The store opened right on time, on the day of the parade with hundreds of people waiting in line to get their hands on the limited edition shoes.

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Brand Activation

When Steph Curry inked a deal with Under Armour, basketball fans all over the country knew it was going to be a game-changing relationship. The Curry brand’s goal is to ‘change the game for good’. Every brand activation since then has embodied that mission.

Custom Fabrication

With only 11 days to plan, build and execute, our team worked day and night to create an amazing immersive environment for Golden State fans. Custom pieces included a basketball court, LED video walls, backlit plinths as shoe displays, a VR lounge and more.

Retail Pop-Up

With barely any lead time, we were able to secure a venue for the pop-up along the Warriors’ parade route. We completely transformed the empty warehouse space that served as a retail pop-up, a celebration of the Golden State’s victory, and an exclusive launch party of yet another Steph Curry sneaker.

Product Displays

The Curry brand by Under Armour has its own cult following. People will do just about anything for a pair of these shoes. See: #DroneDrop. Knowing this, we crafted an authentic experience that was simple yet elevated the shoes to show off each and every little detail. We ended up doing $30,000 in sales over two days.

Agency Collaboration

We teamed up with RED Interactive for this pop-up retail experience that premiered during the Warrior’s parade in Oakland, California.

Event Operations

From staffing to inventory management, programming, crowd control, and more. The Pineapple Agency handled event operations from A-Z for the wildly successful pop-up experience.

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