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Turbine Outerwear needed a booth design and build for the Outdoor Retailer show that would interest attendees, display merchandise, and have meeting areas to speak with buyers and close deals.

After discussing Turbine’s goals, we decided on a build that would reflect Turbine’s industrial and modern aesthetic. The build included a decorative turbine that would be visible from afar in addition to the must-haves like meeting tables, displays, and a storage room. We planned for an execution that was visually impressive and functional.

The 20’ x 30’ space displayed Turbine’s winter retail line. Space was maximized by implementing hanging rails throughout the entirety of the booth. This allowed visibility of the outerwear from all angles and created the ability for buyers to mix and match the tops and bottoms on the corresponding lines. A 65” TV was mounted in the middle of the booth and a dynamic video introduced new visitors to the Turbine brand.

With the raised red Turbine logo, the booth was visible from afar, attracting visitors throughout the convention. The multiple meeting spaces provided additional opportunities to sit down with clients to close deals while the storage nook made it so that displays were always full and stocked.