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CAMP Bow Wow


Camp Bow Wow reached out to The Pineapple Agency wanting to elevate their brand by getting the word out about responsible pet ownership and the importance of exercise for our furry friends.

Camp Bow Wow knew they wanted an 8 foot tall gumball machine that dispensed tennis balls and that they wanted to host 5 events across the country. Thus #giveafetch was born.

The Challenge

Create and execute a strategy that drove awareness of the importance of exercising your dog and simultaneously promoted the Camp Bow Wow Brand. Meet #giveafetch.


There were two main parts to the campaign. First, fabricate an 8 foot tall gumball machine that is also a photo booth. Second, produce 5 events across the country to host the gumball machine- all on the same weekend.

The spectacle of these activations were the custom fabricated 8 foot tall gumball machines. The Pineapple Agency engineered the machines to take photos of participants and their dogs, capture the data of the participant, and then automatically dispense a tennis ball.

The Pineapple Agency produced 5 #giveafetch events, to kick-off National Dog Week, in Denver, Dallas, Cleveland, Atlanta, and New Jersey. The events included ultra-famous doggy influencers, dog vendors, animal shelters doing adoption events, free doggy caricatures, music, and a whole lot of tail wagging. Camp Bow Wow encouraged participants to post pictures from the event on social media of why they #giveafetch about their dog to win a free year of camp.

Over the duration of the #giveafetch events we had 58 dogs adopted, 1,548 balls dispensed, thousands of event attendees, 6,000 entries to the social contest, and over 3,000,000 social engagements. Everyone considered this a success!