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5 Stats That Show How Marketing Is Evolving

Raise your hand if you’ve heard that only about one-third of marketers have a documented content strategy, or that B2B brands that blog receive 67 percent more leads. Now, kindly put your hand down. You work in an open office and look mental.

On an average day you see hundreds of marketing stats that are all seemingly the same. We decided to try and share ones that are both relevant and eye-opening.

Below, you’ll find 5 statistics that highlight the complicated and ever-evolving world of marketing. Hint: they all involve content and digital.

  1. 56% of display ads are never seen by humans. (Google 2014)
  2. 45% of marketers still don’t formally evaluate their analytics for quality and accuracy or, even worse, don’t know if they do or not. (VentureBeat 2015)
  3. 74% of readers trust educational content from brands – as long as it doesn’t push a sale. (Kentico 2014)
  4. More than 92% of millennials regularly watch digital video. (eMarketer 2015)
  5. Content marketing will generate $300 billion by 2019. Yes, billion. (Marketing Mag 2015)

At the end of the day, this is just a list of numbers. Our theory is that you should take these statistics and consider them in terms of a much larger story, the story that is your marketing strategy. The marketing industry is rapidly changing, companies need to create a strategy that is measurable, curate content that is relevant and useful for their audiences because digital video is about to take over the game.

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Taking Your Brand on an Experiential Mobile Tour

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Taking Your Brand on an Experiential Mobile Tour

Brands and companies are always looking for new or better ways to engage with their desired target markets. Currently, many brands are using digital (social media, video, SEO, etc.) and traditional (TV, radio, billboards, door-to-door, etc.) strategies to interact with their audience. While these strategies are an important part of any healthy marketing campaign, too many brands are overlooking the opportunity of a mobile tour, utilizing a mix of both digital and traditional strategies to enhance the in-person experience at each stop on the road.

Mobile tours are great for a number of reasons, but we especially like them because they’re cost effective, and they give brands the opportunity to be present where their target demographic actually lives, works, and plays. Mobile tours are also a unique way to showcase brand personality through bringing products and/or services to life in a way that cuts through all of the clutter created by digital and traditional marketing strategies. By having a live, in-person experience, a consumer can establish a deeper emotional connection with your brand. An in-person experience allows your target market to test out your product or service, which is something they cannot typically do with any other marketing strategy. Mobile tours also lend themselves well to word-of-mouth marketing, which helps your brand gain buzz at an event, and ultimately allows you to reach an even larger audience through social media.

Integration with Existing Strategies

When embarking on a mobile tour, we educate our clients on the importance of integrating the tour with the rest of their existing marketing strategies. An existing social media strategy can be enhanced with new content generated from the stops along the mobile tour, and the company’s existing social media channels can also help to drive traffic to activations. Buying print, radio, and other media can also supplement the mobile tour and drive traffic to your activation.

Possible Tour Elements

There are several elements that can be added to a mobile tour campaign to increase the number of impressions and create a unique and engaging experience for your target demographic.

  • Mobile vehicles are the cornerstone of any mobile tour, and can be fully customized to meet the needs of the brand and activation. Driving a vehicle cross-country with a custom wrap is a surefire way to generate thousands of impressions.
  • Street teams add an additional in-person element to an activation, and act as a personal extension of the brand. Street teams bring further energy and enthusiasm to your brand’s products/services.
  • Kiosks offer a chance to test out or learn about a product or service and can attract the audience in a meaningful way through interactive touch screens or engaging video reels.
  • Pop-up shops are an excellent way to sell products/services during a mobile tour, and can be supplemented through traditional or social media campaigns.

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Your Experiential Marketing – How Involved Should They Be?

An Experiential Marketing Agency meeting

How Involved Should Your Experiential Marketing Agency Be?

If your company is considering hiring an experiential marketing agency you have already determined a few things: 1. You want to reach your target market by breaking through the clutter of digital and/or traditional marketing. 2. You want to bring your brand to life in a meaningful way that really connects with your audience. 3. You might not have the capabilities or bandwidth to strategize, produce, and implement an engaging activation or experience that leaves the audience wanting to share your brand with the whole world.

If you’ve come to the realization that experiential marketing is something that can take your company to the next level, but you don’t know how to integrate that with your existing internal and/or external marketing teams, DON’T WORRY!

An experiential marketing agency can be involved with your company’s current strategy as much or as little as you want.

The agency can be a full-service extension of your internal marketing team, assisting with strategy, ideation, planning, production, implementation, or just be involved with those pieces individually. If you already have a strategy in place, but don’t have the capabilities to execute the strategy, an experiential agency can simply execute and implement.

One of the questions we get asked most by our clients is: “how does The Pineapple Agency work with our internal and external marketing teams?” Around the office, we like to say that we “play well in the sandbox with others.” This is our way of saying that we can be extremely nimble and flexible, and can work with other agencies and teams in a variety of ways. If an experiential marketing agency is unable or unwilling to to collaborate with established internal or external teams, it could be a red flag.

In most of our projects, we are responsible for the full experiential activation: strategy, ideation, planning, production, and implementation. To complement our campaigns we also do video production, social media strategy, design, and traditional media, and staffing in-house. We pride ourselves on working well with internal teams so that the experiential activation we are creating is an on-brand, cohesive experience that aligns with the client’s existing marketing activities. No one knows your brand better than you do.

If your company already has an external agency partners, such as a digital marketing or public relations agency, we also work with those partners as closely as possible to fully integrate the experiential activation, so that the campaign has the greatest reach and effectiveness to ultimately meet our clients’ goals.

For some of our other clients who already have an experiential strategy in place, we act as the producers of the event and we utilize our connections, knowledge, and experience to make the activation go off without a hitch. In situations where the only thing missing from an activation are brand ambassadors, our staffing services allow us to be the last piece to a client’s puzzle, providing quality staff that can bring the activation to life.

We are comfortable working in any capacity with our clients and we always operate with the same goal extending across all of our projects: create an immersive experience or activation that brings our client’s brand to life, maximizes ROI, and creates lifelong customers/followers.

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Why Should You Consider An Experiential Marketing Campaign?

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Why Should You Consider An Experiential Marketing Campaign?

In the past few years, the marketing and advertising landscape has changed drastically. Traditional media used to be the most efficient way to reach your audience, but times have changed. All too many companies are employing the same strategy they have used for years, or are taking a “copy-cat” approach to gain new customers. Digitally, we are getting bombarded with intrusive web ads and thousands of posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. All of these media messages being thrown at us on our phones, laptops, tablets, billboards, magazines, etc. have resulted in an insanely abundant amount of clutter that is making us all go crazy.

Although traditional and digital media strategies can be effective, they are slowly losing their power over consumers’ minds – audiences are ignoring marketing messages, staying off social networks, and fast forwarding through TV commercials. Consumers are tired of being marketed to everywhere they go (both physically and virtually) every single hour of every single day.

So how do you break through all of this clutter and mess? How do you create an emotional connection between a brand and a consumer without being annoyingly intrusive? How do you create an experience that is going to leave a lifelong impression and make your customer want to share your brand with everyone he or she knows? How do you get your brand out in the marketplace, to your desired target market, without being lost in the tidal wave of other marketing messages crashing down on consumers?

This is where experiential marketing comes in.

Put simply, experiential marketing is the best way to emotionally connect a brand with a consumer. Through the use of an immersive, interactive, and tangible experience, your brand can leave a long-lasting, memorable impression that your target consumer will want to share with everyone they know and will ever meet. Experiential activations can range in complexity and reach depending on the company executing them, but the key component of an experiential campaign is that the audience is engaged using as many of their senses as possible (not just sight, sound, or a combo of both). The end goal of every campaign should be long-lasting brand impressions/interactions, increased brand equity, improved sales, and a tangible return on your marketing investment.

At The Pineapple Agency, we combine our knowledge of traditional, digital, and experiential marketing to create strategic campaigns that are based on a unique, immersive experience that will leave consumers with lifelong memories.

We know that an experiential activation is the best way for a brand to break through all the clutter and really make a difference in the mind of the consumer. Our campaigns run the gamut from event activations, product tours, pop-up shops, to entirely custom, curated experiences. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box to captivate your audience by building a giant gum ball machine that dispenses robots, a smoke-blowing bull sign, or an 8-foot laser cube. The more unique an activation, the better chance you have to engage an audience in a meaningful way that will inspire them to share their experience with your brand.

A live, in-person activation is the key ingredient in any campaign, but we also mix in digital and traditional marketing strategies in order to attract and engage the target audience in as many ways possible. To accomplish this, we craft every strategy to entice the audience BEFORE the activation, engage consumers DURING the event, and keep the conversation going AFTER the campaign. This all-encompassing strategy is the best way to ensure that the conversation is about your brand, and that your message is not lost in all of the other marketing clutter out there.

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