Using Microscopic Beauty to Fight Cancer


Ever thought a closeup of a cancerous cell could become the design for a luxury fashion item?

One day, Dr. Zofia Wosinska, a dye chemist who studies cancer, was using microscopic dyes to diagnose cancerous cells. She discovered that these beautiful formations and colors could be transformed into unique fashion designs for high-end luxury items. Zofia teamed up with her husband, Jeremy Picker, who works as a creative director at a fashion company to bring these styles to life. Now they use her unique designs to generate awareness for cancer research through fashion items, such as ties, scarves, and pocket squares. From this simple yet powerful idea, the company Éstaine was born.

A few months into the project, the company’s mission became even more close to Zofia and Jeremy’s hearts, as Jeremy was diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma. With Jeremy’s cancer and Zofia’s interest in studying cancerous cells, the duo is trying to raise awareness, show the beauty in even the dark places of life, and offer hope for the people diagnosed with this devastating disease.

To generate even more awareness for the Éstaine project and cancer research the couple created a Kickstarter campaign to sell their high-end fashion items. A portion of the Éstaine sales generated through the Kickstarter campaign and the main website,, go to some of their sponsors: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and

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